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3 Reasons Why I’m Reading the Bible in 90 Days AGAIN

Starting tomorrow, August 20th, through November 17th, I’ll be embarking on my fourth round of reading the Bible in 90 Days. For those new to the concept, the goal of Bible in 90 Days is to read attentively every word of the Bible from cover-to-cover in a 90-day period. I’ve successfully done this once, twice, three times in the past two years.  Why on earth, might you ask, would I do this seemingly insanely aggressive reading program yet again? (pssst – the key word here is “seemingly”) Because God wants me to. Jesus said that we are to live by every word that comes from the mouth of God (Matthew 4:4). I can’t live by His every word unless I first know by reading His every word. And for me, being able to read the Bible in a 90 day period has been far more meaningful than attempting to stretch it out over a year’s time (something that I was never able to do successfully, by the way). Because I want to. The last 6 months have perhaps been the most personally challenging of my entire life to date. If I shared the details, you would no doubt think I … Continue reading

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Struggling Readers: You CAN Read the Bible in 90 Days!

My 10-year-old dyslexic son just completed the Bible in 90 Days Challenge via Mom’s Toolbox!    Struggling readers, adults and children alike: if he can do it, I can assure you that you can, too! Click here to read my post on how he did it. Here’s a hokey 2-minute video I made with my iPhone to celebrate the milestone: If you have trouble seeing the video from the email, click here to view it online. Blessings,

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Bible in 90 Days for Kids

My ten-year-old is attempting to complete the Bible in 90 Days challenge along with me.  My idea. Not his. He’s been stuck in the Old Testament forever and, just like with me, I felt the material wasn’t gelling for him at such a slow pace. When I first suggested it to him he thought I lost my ever-loving mind.  He was, after all, diagnosed with dyslexia 3 years ago.  And even though, through therapy and a number of other tools, the majority of his reading challenges are behind him, the thought of tackling the Big Book in 90 days was more than his 10-year-old brain could handle. But I assured him that I had a plan to make it as easy as possible for him.  I downloaded all thirteen of the weekly audio versions of the Bible in 90 Days to my iPod (they were $2.95 each from and he listens to the audio as he reads along with it (reiterating to him daily that the goal is to read every word on the page attentively).  This method takes approximately one hour a day based on the speed of the narrator.  To make it even easier, I have him … Continue reading

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Bible in 90 Days Challenge: Round Three!

Today I began my third round of the Bible in 90 Days Challenge hosted by Mom’s Toolbox!  My first round began last summer and it was the first time I had EVER read the bible cover-to-cover in my (then) 47 years. Words cannot describe the euphoria and blessings in having accomplished this lifetime goal.  I couldn’t wait to do it again the following winter…and now again this summer. When I tell people about reading the bible in 90 days, most of them express how daunting of a challenge it sounds.  That’s because they’ve struggled so much with their other bible reading plans.  If they couldn’t finish reading the bible with a year-long plan then why would they think they can finish it in 90 days?  I totally relate to that.  It was a daunting concept to me at first since I’ve never been able to finish reading the bible in a year’s time either. But nothing can be further from the truth.  If anything, it was far EASIER for read it cover-to-cover in 90 days than to have stretched it out over a year’s time.  It’s only 12 pages a day! And there are so many “A-ha!” moments with all … Continue reading

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Bible in 90 Days: Coming Up From Behind

This time last week I was a full 6 days behind in my reading.  I should have been at Day 42 but I was stuck at Day 36 as a result of assorted illness and afflictions that ravaged our household.  Not only was I 6 days behind, but I had, what I personally believed to be, the most challenging book to read ahead of me: the Book of Job.  I honestly felt the enemy was at hand. No matter.  I may have been behind but I sure wasn’t going to allow the enemy to keep me from goal.  So here are 5 things I did to get myself caught up: I didn’t panic. This is a biggie.  Panic has a way of taking our eyes off the mark.  Every day that went by that I wasn’t permitted to read, I refused to panic.  I kept assuring myself that God would help me find a way to get to it the following day.  And I KEPT reassuring myself even when after a week I  was still behind.  God is sooo good! I doubled up on my reading. I figured if I could read two days worth of reading in one, I … Continue reading

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Bible in 90 Days: Day 77 – Almost There!

I’m 85% of the way through this 90-day challenge and, yikes!… has it ever started to FEEL like a challenge these past few weeks! I didn’t expect that AT ALL considering the content in the New Testament is so much easier to read than in the Old Testament. But I did underestimate my available time during the course of my day as our homeschooling work load increased and as our events calendar quickly started to fill up this month.  For the first time during this journey, I found myself consistently 2-3 days, sometimes 4 days, behind schedule.  The good news is I was able to get all caught up thanks to a camping trip that took my husband and boys out of the house this weekend. A major milestone that I reached on this challenge so far was reading the entire Old Testament from start to finish for the first time in my life. Woot! Woot!  As of this writing, I’m in the book of Acts in the New Testament. Reading the first four gospels in a row in a matter of days was a personally moving experience for me. It was more powerful to me than reading it during … Continue reading

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Bible in 90 Days: Day 50 – More Than Half Way There!

Yes, I’ve been quiet for a few weeks on this topic but not because I fell out of the “Bible in 90 Days Challenge”.  To the contrary: I am still in it and am more than halfway through!  It’s been a busy season as of late as homeschooling has taken the forefront after returning from our travels.  It’s exhausting!  But I’m current on my reading and so happy about my progress.  We’re in Isaiah now. T-minus 40 days and counting!

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Bible in 90 Days: Day 34 – More Than 1/3 Completed!

Whew!  Still on track after 34 days on the Bible in 90 Days Challenge! And exactly half of those days we were vacationing and/or traveling, including a 2-night side trip to get my eye lasered in San Diego!  Other than carrying it with me (via iPad) everywhere I go, one of the keys to my success so far has been to READ THIS BOOK FIRST before I pick up any other.  This essentially has meant that I have not been reading any other books for the last 34 days simply because my day doesn’t allow for anything extra.  I’m not complaining, though.  To the contrary: I’m THRILLED to have gotten this far and continue to feel that reading the bible in 90 days is absolutely 100% achieveable.  In fact, for the past few weeks I’ve actually been looking forward to the following day’s reading; a first for me where bible reading is concerned! The only personal disappointment I’ve had during the past few weeks is not being  able to participate in the weekly tweet-ups with my fellow B90-ers because of our vacation/travel schedule.  All that should normalize in about another week, however. Keep lifting us up, oh, faithful B90 Prayer Warriors! T-minus 56 days…and counting!

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Bible in 90 Days: Day 22 – The VBS Challenge

I was feeling all pretty good about myself at the beginning of last week when I was a full 5 days ahead of schedule in order to prepare for upcoming vacation schedules. That was short-lived.   Turns out it wasn’t vacation that set me back the rest of last week…Vacation Bible School did! Who knew that part-time volunteer work at 5 days of VBS could zap every last bit of energy I had? I had been suspecting for some time now on how pathetically unfit I was but that week resolutely confirmed it for me. Anyway, I’m back on schedule as of today. Phew. And just in time…our family vacation starts tomorrow <biting my nails>.  I am secretly hoping to get some reading time in on the 7-hour flight but, then again, I could also be spiraling into delusion since we are towing 5 kids between the ages of 5 & 10.  Soooo…I need those B90 prayer warriors to keep sending up those prayers, please! See y’all on the other side,

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Bible in 90 Days: Day 11 (16) – Ahead of the Game

Officially, I’m on Day 11 of the Bible in 90 Days Challenge. Unofficially, I’m really on Day 16 (yay me!).  I’ve been reading ahead whenever and wherever possible (have trusty iPad, will travel). The reason I have never been successful in previous (year-long) bible reading plans is because I inevitably get behind in my reading during periods of travel, of which our family takes many each year, then quickly become overwhelmed and discouraged by the backlog. Ultimately, I give up from such pathetic discipline. Not this time. This time I’m ahead of the game. And staying there. I wonder if my B90 facilitator and assigned B90 mentor praying for me all the time has anything to do with it???  Thank you, Amy and Jennifer! T-minus 74 days…and counting!

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